Fukuoka International Association (FIA) Mail Magazinevol.70 March/05/2008

Fukuoka Rainbow Magazine provides monthly information on events and news in the Fukuoka area related to international exchange and cooperation. We hope this will encourage your activities. Information in English precedes Japanese. Also, if you wish to discontinue subscription to this mail magazine, please refer to the end of this issue.
With cool water and early vernal sunshine in March, the feeling of spring is just around the corner. The longer daylight also gives us more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities such as spotting baby cherry blossoms blooming in various locations.


Table of Contents:

1. News from the Fukuoka International Association

    1) Hospital Guide Information Updated!

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, the Central Government, and Other Affiliated Organizations

    1) Cine-la "From Our Film Collection"
    2) Kyuhaku Museum Concert
    3) Japanese Culture Class for Foreigners
    4) Counseling Services available at Kokusai Hiroba

3. News from FUKU-NET Members

    1) APCC Volunteer Wanted
    2) Cinema Viewing by the Fukuoka Italy -Japan Association

4. News from Internationally Related Organizations in Fukuoka

    1) International Symposium and Workshop
    2) Consular Outreach Program for Filipino residents in Kyushu
    3) Fukuoka Asian Film Festival Volunteer Wanted
    4) Plan Japan Photo Exhibition

5. Nobu's Footprints in Fukuoka

    "One Incident"

1. News from The Fukuoka International Association

 For detailed information about this section, unless specified, please refer to FIA:
 Fukuoka International Association
 City Hall North Annex 5F, Tenjin 1-10-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001
 TEL: 092-733-5630   FAX: 092-733-5635
 URL: http://www.rainbowfia.or.jp/index.htm

1) Hospital Guide Information Updated
  "Hospital Guide in Fukuoka for Foreign Residents" on the FIA website has been updated! You can now search for medical institutions or clinics in Fukuoka City by selecting locations, hospital departments, or language preferences of interest. This guide is available in four languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Central Government and Affiliated Organizations

1) Cine-la "From our Film Collection"
  Masterpieces from our film collection will be shown covering a specific theme.

Modern Taiwan Film Collection
Duration: Thru. Mar. 9 (Sun)
English and Japanese Subtitled
   Jump! Boys ('04, 84min.)
   The Human Comedy ('01, 117min.)
   The Cabbie ('00, 94min.)
   Southbound Swallow ('02, 85min.)
   Comes The Black Dog ('04, 111min.)
   Fishing Luck ('05, 94min.)
Japanese Subtitled
   Flowers of Shanghai ('98, 121min.)
   A One & A Two ('00, 173min.)

Fee: Adults 500yen, Univ. & H.S. Students 400yen, J.H.S. & Elem. Students 300yen

Inquiry: Fukuoka City Public Library "Cine-la"
TEL: 092-852-0608     FAX: 092-852-0609     URL: http://www.cinela.com (in Japanese)

2) Kyuhaku Museum Concert "Shima kaze ni Nosete"
   In addition to the art and cultural exhibitions at the Kyushu National Museum, various other events are conducted including a mini-concert show near the Entrance Hall or inside the Cultural Exchange Exhibition room. The purpose is to entertain the visitors with a variety of live music and enhance their museum experience.

Date: Mar. 16 (Sun) 13:00, 15:30
Venue: Kyushu National Museum Entrance hall
Music: Okinawa music and dance
Further Information: http://www.kyuhaku.com/pr/event/event_080207.html (in Japanese)

Inquiry: Kyushu National Museum
TEL: 050-5542-8600 

3) Japanese Culture Class for Foreigners
  This workshop welcomes anyone who wants to learn about a few basic Japanese customs and more. Starting with a walk through lesson in “Sado” (Tea Ceremony) and “Spirit of Zen”, you will be introduced to Japanese culture in a comprehensive way.

Date: Mar. 23 (Sun) 14:00-15:00
Venue: ACROS Fukuoka 2F Seminar Room
Enrollment limit: 40 *Applications accepted on a first-come first-served basis.
Fee: Free
Further information: http://www.kokusaihiroba.or.jp/

Inquiry: Kokusai Hiroba
TEL: 092-725-9201     Email: info@kokusaihiroba.or.jp

4) Counseling Services available at Kokusai Hiroba
  Do you have any concerns regarding your life in Japan? If you do, please do not hesitate to visit or contact us by phone. Appointment is not necessary and your confidentiality is guaranteed.

English: 1st & 3rd Wed., Chinese: 2nd & 4th Wed., Korean: 1st Wed., Tagalog: 3rd Wed.
Time: 11:00-15:00

Specialized Counseling Services
Human Rights Counseling: 2nd Wed., 13:00-16:00, English
Naturalization, Immigration, and Residency Consultation: 4th Sat., 13:00-16:00, English and Chinese

Inquiry: Kokusai Hiroba
TEL: 092-725-9202

3. News from FUKU-NET Members

1) APCC Volunteers Wanted!
  The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in FUKUOKA (APCC) is recruiting volunteers for various events and activities. Contact APCC for details on newcomer's briefing sessions.

Date/time: Mar. 7 (Fri) 18:30-, 20 (Thu/holiday) 14:00-
Place: APCC Office (Fukuoka City Hall North Annex 5F 1-10-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)
Further information: http://www.apcc.gr.jp/

Inquiries: The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in FUKUOKA (APCC)
TEL: 092-734-7700     Email: info@apcc.gr.jp

2) Cinema Viewing by the Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
  This is a free monthly movie-viewing event

"Le Monstro" (Italy, 112min., '94)
Date/Time: Mar. 14 (Fri) 19:00
Venue: Ajibi Hall (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
Limit: First 120 visitors

Inquiries: The Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
TEL: 092-476-1111

4. News from International Related Organizations in Fukuoka

1) International Symposium and Workshop
  The current situation and policy challenges surrounding migrant care workers and nurses in Southeast Asian countries and Japan will be addressed. The policy directors of Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan will report and discuss these issues at hand. Prior application required.

Date: Mar. 8 (Sat) 9:20-16:30
Venue: Fukuoka Kokusai Hall (Tenjin, Nishinihon Shimbun Kaikan)

Date: Mar. 9 (Sun) 9:00-17:00
Venue: Kyushu University Nishijin Plaza (Nishijin 2-16)

Inquiry: Kyushu University Asia Center
TEL:092-642-4433     Email: asia@isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp
URL: http://asia.kyushu-u.ac.jp/top/index.html (in Japanese)

2) Consular Outreach Program for Filipino residents in Kyushu
  Filipinos and Friends in Fukuoka (FFF), a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization, will be hosting a consular outreach program of the Philippine Consulate General Osaka-Kobe. The following services will be rendered.

Date/time: Mar. 9 (Sun), 13:00-17:00
Venue: Daimyo Catholic Church 3rd floor
Services: passport renewal, consultation on travel and legal documents
Object person: Filipinos

Inquiry: The Filipinos and Friends in Fukuoka
TEL: 090-1923-7836     Email: pooh@fukuoka.vip.co.jp

3)  Fukuoka Asian Film Festival Volunteer Wanted
  This is a film festival featuring mainly Asian films, organized and managed by all volunteers!
Further information: http://www2.gol.com/users/faff/faff.html 

Festival duration: Jul. 4 (Fri) -13 (Sun)
Application deadline: Apr. 30 (Wed)

Pre-festival event
Date: May 17 (Sat) 12:00, 14:00, 16:00
Venue: French-Japanese Institute of Kyushu 5F Hall
Fee: 1,000 yen Advance, 1,300 yen at door
Films: "Kim Ki-duk: Cineaste of the Wild Beauty" France/Korea, 2007, 60min.

Inquiry: Fukuoka Asian Film Festival
TEL: 092-733-0949    Email: faff@gol.com

4) Plan Japan Photo Exhibition
  Plan is a non-profit, non-governmental organization headquartered in the United Kingdom. Plan Japan will hold a photo exhibition in Fukuoka to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its foundation.

Duration: Mar.16 (Sun) - 20 (Thu)
Venue: Solaria Terminal Lion Plaza

Inquiry: Plan Japan
TEL:0120-400-422  Email: hello@plan-japan.org
URL: http://www.plan-japan.org/home/

5. Nobu's Footprints in Fukuoka
One Incident

I guess it takes about half a year for any person to adapt to his new life and to grasp the general feel of his office environment, whether it be work, social, or personal related. As for me, living in Fukuoka has been generally satisfying in all terms—having the luxury to adventure in a scuba trip to Okinawa, shopping spree in Busan, etc. while occasionally having a blast with my colleagues in a seasonal enkai, to name a few. However, even under those seemingly balanced lifestyle between business and pleasure, I also undergo stressful events (i.e. physical and emotional) that become an obstacle for my day-to-day routine; for example, a flu week, a fight with my girlfriend, losing important things, and so forth. Specifically, there was an incident last month in which I experienced a sense of disappointment and indignation—let me share with you what happened.
The night I returned from Beppu onsen with my friends, I went out for grocery shopping to stock up my empty and abandoned fridge with that week's supplies. Upon arriving at the bicycle parking lot on the ground level, I noticed one unusual scene—my 6-month-old bike had gone missing and the only remaining part was its unclenched lock! Though I didn't incur a significant loss in monetary terms (ironically, it was the same amount that I spent for the onsen trip), it was the first time in a long time that something had been stolen from me so abruptly—a total let down. Actually, I should have seen this one coming, for it was a cheap 100yen lock and my bike had been misplaced by someone a block away from where it was parked just a couple of weeks ago, not to mention heaps of empty beer bottles and plastic wrappers in the proximity of the parking lot every weekend—probably the work of local youngsters having late evening parties at the site.
As I have mentioned earlier, 6 months is also the period in which you really find out the degree of security and the sort of people that dwell in the area—a foolish mistake to not have doubled the lock and registered for the ‘bicycle theft prevention', I sincerely thought. In other words, I was furious about the situation and at myself.
First thing in the morning, I visited the police station to report a theft while carefully planning out the budget for my next bike. Luckily, since I had a year warranty, half the cost was to be reimbursed upon the purchase of a new ride. Even then, it still took about two weeks before I was pedaling and not walking. In fact, a bike was the most expedient means of transportation to travel around my neighbourhood; quite a different story in Vancouver where cars are most convenient and bikes are used for leisure and recreation purposes only. Thus, two weeks without wheels meant expending triple the amount of time for going to the gym, train station, nearest shopping avenue, etc.
Facing this wretched reality ahead, I came out of the police box at noon exact (took a little longer due to an unexpected chitchat with the officer on duty) and right when I exited the door, he called me in and escorted me to the shed where several bicycles were parked. Suddenly he asked, "Why don't you take my bike until you get your new one?" Without thinking twice and respecting his generosity, I took his bighearted offer and promised that I would return it as soon as possible: frankly speaking, the possession of a police property made me feel quite uneasy in that I was always under constant watch; on the other note, however, I felt the kindness of the Japanese like never before and the weight of my stress was gone like a wind.
A few weeks later, I dropped off the bike with a small present (Japanese cake) as a token of appreciation. Sure enough, the warranty came into effect, so I bought a new bike with a sturdier lock; only this time, I'm riding on a compact, convertible type that can be stored inside my closet-a closure of this problem once for all.

Nobuo Gondo


1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ

  1) 医療機関ガイド更新しました
  2) 留学生から学ぶ外国語教室受講生募集

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報

  1) シネラ「収蔵作品特集」
  2) "ちきゅう"を知る講座
  3) きゅーはくミュージアムコンサート
  4) 内閣府青年国際交流事業
  5) 外国人のための日本文化いろは講座
  6) こくさいひろば外国人相談窓口

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報

  1) APCCボランティア募集 
  2) 福岡日伊協会映画鑑賞会
  3) グローバルライフサポートセンター
  4) JICA青年海外協力隊、シニア海外ボランティア体験談・説明会
  5) 第13回WTO・FTA-NGOフォーラムin福岡

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報

  1) 国際シンポジウム、国際ワークショップ開催
  2) 福岡アジア映画祭ボランティア募集
  3) プラン・ジャパン写真展

5. ノブが見た福岡


1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ

〒810-0001福岡市中央区天神1丁目10-1 北別館5F
TEL:092-733-5630   FAX:092-733-5635
URL: http://www.rainbowfia.or.jp/j_index.htm

1) 医療機関ガイド更新しました

2) 留学生から学ぶ外国語教室受講生募集

場  所:福岡学生交流会館、六本松学生交流会館

TEL: 092-734-7700  Email: gogaku@apcc.gr.jp

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報
1) シネラ「収蔵作品特集」


期  間:3月9日(日)まで
会  場:福岡市総合図書館 映像ホール・シネラ
観 覧 料:大人 500円 高・大学生 400円 小中学生 300円

問合せ先:福岡市総合図書館 映像ホール・シネラ
TEL: 092-852-0608  FAX: 092-852-0609

2) "ちきゅう"を知る講座

第1回 3月 8日(土)16:00 こくさいひろば交流室
第2回 3月 9日(日)14:00 アクロス福岡2F セミナー室
第3回 3月29日(土)13:00 同上

TEL: 092-725-9200

3) きゅーはくミュージアムコンサート「島風にのせて」

日  時:3月16日(日)第1回13:00~ 第2回15:30~
場  所:九州国立博物館1階エントランスホール
参 加 料:無料
内  容:鮮やかな琉球衣装を身につけ、島唄を歌い踊ります。

TEL: 050-5542-8600

4) 内閣府青年国際交流事業

日  時:3月16日(日)16:00~18:00
会  場:福岡市NPOボランティア交流センター(あすみん)5Fセミナールーム

Email: fukuokaiyeo@yahoo.co.jp
TEL: 092-643-3386

5) 外国人のための日本文化いろは講座

テ ー マ:冠婚葬祭編(結婚式・葬儀と服装)
日  時:3月23日(日) 14:00~15:00
場  所:アクロス福岡2F セミナー室

TEL: 092-725-9201  Email: info@kokusaihiroba.or.jp

6) こくさいひろば外国人相談窓口

英  語:第1・3水曜、中国語:第2・4水曜、韓国語:第1水曜、タガログ語:第3水曜
時  間:11:00~15:00

人権相談(就労、住宅、婚姻、離婚、帰化、入国管理等):第2水曜、13:00~16:00 英語
国籍・入国・在留等手続き等相談:毎月第4土曜、13:00~16:00 英語、中国語

福岡市中央区天神1-1-1アクロス福岡3F  TEL: 092-725-9202

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報
1)  APCCボランティア募集

日  時:3月7日(金)18:30~、20日(木・祝)14:00~
場  所:APCC事務局(中央区天神1-10-1福岡市役所北別館5階)

TEL: 092-734-7700  Email: info@apcc.gr.jp

2) 福岡日伊協会映画鑑賞会

日  時:3月14日(金)19:00
会  場:あじびホール(福岡アジア美術館8F)
定  員:先着120名

TEL: 092-476-1111

3) グローバルライフサポートセンター

TEL: 092-441-0036  Email: support@npo-global.jp

4) 青年海外協力隊・シニア海外ボランティア体験談・説明会

日  時:4月9日(水)、18日(金)、24日(木)18:30~20:45

日  時:4月9日(水)、25日(金)18:30~20:00
会  場:アクロス福岡

日  時:毎週木曜日(第2木曜日を除く)11:00~18:00
場  所:レインボープラザ(福岡市天神イムズビル8F)
内  容:青年海外協力隊や、国際協力一般
問 合 せ:JICA福岡市国際協力推進員
メ ー ル:jicadpd-desk-fukuokashi@jica.go.jp  電話:092-733-5638

TEL: 093-671-8349  Email: jicakicp-jpcvqc@jica.go.jp

5) 第13回WTO・FTA-NGOフォーラムin 福岡

テ ー マ:グローバル時代の私・農工商 つながっているワタシのクラシ
  1日目 3月15日(土)13:00~18:30 博多パークホテル
  2日目 3月16日(日)9:00~12:00 福岡NPO共同事務所「びおとーぷ」
料  金:1日目500円 宿泊3,000円

申込・問合せ:第13回WTO・FTA-NGOフォーラムin 福岡実行委員会
FAX: 092-473-1222  Email: wto_fta_fuk@yahoo.co.jp

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報
1) 国際シンポジウム、国際ワークショップ開催

日  時:3月8日(土)9:20~16:30
場  所:福岡国際ホール大ホール(西日本新聞会館16階)

日  時:3月9日(日)9:00~17:00
場  所:九州大学西新プラザ(国際研究交流プラザ)大会議室(早良区西新2-16)

TEL: 092-642-4433  FAX: 092-642-4435
Email: asia@isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp

2) 福岡アジア映画祭ボランティア募集


日  時:5月17日(土)12:00~、14:00~、16:00~
会  場:九州日仏学館
作  品:フランス・韓国合作『キム・ギドク:激情の美のシネアスト』
会  費:1,300円

TEL: 092-733-0949  Email: faff@gol.com

3) プラン・ジャパン写真展

期  間:3月16日(日)~20日(木)
場  所:ソラリアターミナルライオン広場
日  時:3月20日(木)14:00~15:30
場  所:アーバン・オフィス天神 C会議室(天神1-3-38天神12ビル13階)


TEL:0120-400-422  Email: hello@plan-japan.org

5. ノブが見た福岡


権藤 ノブオ

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