Fukuoka International Association (FIA) Mail Magazine vol.72 May/05/2008

Fukuoka Rainbow Magazine provides monthly information on events and news in the Fukuoka area related to international exchange and cooperation. We hope this will encourage your activities. Information in English precedes Japanese. Also, if you wish to discontinue subscription to this mail magazine, please refer to the end of this issue.
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Table of Contents:

1. News from the Fukuoka International Association

    1) Foreign Student Lecture Series "My Hometown and Fukuoka"
    2) Japanese Chatting Salon Change in hours of opening

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, the Central Government, and Other Affiliated Organizations

    1) Fukuoka International Women's Tennis 2008
    2) Job Fair for International Students

3. News from FUKU-NET Members

    1) APCC Volunteers Wanted
    2) Cinema Viewing by the Fukuoka Italy -Japan Association
    3) Charity Baseball Tickets Available

4. News from Internationally Related Organizations in Fukuoka

    1) Fukuoka Asian Film Festival Pre-event
    2) Let's come together and talk!
    3) Fukuoka Indonesia Bamboo Concert

5. Nobu's Footprints in Fukuoka

    Tense Shoulders

1. News from The Fukuoka International Association

 For detailed information about this section, unless specified, please refer to FIA:
 Fukuoka International Association
 City Hall North Annex 5F, Tenjin 1-10-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001
 TEL: 092-733-5630   FAX: 092-733-5635
 URL: http://www.rainbowfia.or.jp/index.htm

1) Foreign Student Lecture Series "My Hometown and Fukuoka"
Each month the Fukuoka Foreign Student Support Association invites foreign students residing and studying in Fukuoka to share information about their hometown. We learn about the town's history and lifestyle, the student's family, what brought him/her to Fukuoka, and his/her vision for the future.

Date: May 15 (Thu) 18:30
Place: Attaka Plaza, Fukuoka International Association
Lecturer: Mr. Wickramasinghe Navinda Kithmal (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
               Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Kyushu University
For more information: http://attaka-fukuoka.jp/ (in Japanese)

2) Japanese Chatting Salon Change in hours of opening
"Japanese Chatting Salon" now opens longer hours. Please come and go freely and enjoy talking in Japanese with volunteers! No admission fee.

Date: Every first and third Thursday, 13:30-17:00
Place: Fukuoka International Association Conference Room

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Central Government and Affiliated Organizations

1) Fukuoka International Women's Tennis 2008
This is an annual tournament approved by the International Tennis Federation, ITF. Ranked as the world's second best, Ana Ivanovic was the winner of 2004 tournament. Come and witness the world-class tennis players compete for the best!

Duration: Qualifying Thru. May 6 (Tue), Main Draw May 6 (Tue) -11 (Sun)
Venue: Hakata no Mori Tennis Stadium
Fee: Main draw (valid throughout the tournament) Adult 1,000yen,
Elem., J.H.S. and H.S. student 300yen

Inquiry: Fukuoka International Women's Tennis Office (Kyushu Tennis Association)
TEL: 092-722-1605

2) Job Fair for International Students
This is an annual job fair in which international students and businesses from Kyushu come to meet and exchange references with each other. In addition to job interviews, mock interviews and job counseling are also conducted. Admission is free and no appointment is necessary.

Date: May 11(Sun)10:00-17:00
Venue: ACROS Fukuoka Event Hall
Contents: 10:00-11:00 career seminar for international students
               11:00-17:00 job interviews
Further information: http://www.fukuoka-ics.jp/ (in Japanese)

Inquiry: International Economic and Tourism Section, Fukuoka Prefecture
TEL: 092-643-3430

3. News from FUKU-NET Members

1) Volunteers Wanted!
The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in FUKUOKA (APCC) is calling for volunteers for its various events and activities. Contact APCC for details on newcomer's briefing sessions.

Dates/venues: May 15 (Thu) 18:30 Fukuoka City Hall North Annex 4F Conference room
                            25 (Sun) 14:00 Nishinihon Shimbun Kaikan

Inquiry: The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in FUKUOKA
TEL: 092-734-7700     Email: info@apcc.gr.jp     URL: http://www.apcc.gr.jp/

2) Cinema Viewing by the Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
This is a free monthly movie-viewing event

"Sotto Il Vestito Niente" (Italy, 95min., '85)
Date/Time: May 23 (Fri) 19:00
Venue: Ajibi Hall (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
Limit: First 120 visitors

Inquiries: The Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
TEL: 092-476-1111

3) Softbank Hawks Charity Baseball Tickets Available
Charity baseball games will be held to support the Cambodia Mines-remove Campaign & Aid for Victims. 500yen from each ticket sale will go towards the charity.

Jun. 11(Wed), 12 (Thu) 18:00 vs. Chunichi Dragons
Sep. 10 (Wed), 11(Thu) 18:00 vs. Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
Venue: Yahoo! Dome
Ticket: 2,500yen (ticket A /Reserved)

Application/Inquiry: Cambodia Mines-remove Campaign
TEL: 092-833-7676     Email: info@cmc-net.jp     URL: http://cmc-net.jp (in Japanese)

4. News from International Related Organizations in Fukuoka

1) Fukuoka Asian Film Festival Pre-festival event
This is a film festival featuring mainly Asian films, organized and managed by all volunteers!
Further information: http://www2.gol.com/users/faff/faff.html

Film: "Kim Ki-duk: Cineaste of the Convulsive Beauty" France/Korea, 2007, 60min.
Date: May 17 (Sat) 12:00, 14:00, 16:00
Venue: French-Japanese Institute of Kyushu 5F Hall
Fee: 1,000 yen Advance, 1,300 yen at door

Inquiry: Fukuoka Asian Film Festival
TEL: 092-733-0949     Email: faff@gol.com

2) Let's come together and talk!
Issues facing migrant workers and their families in Japan are the topic of this month. Let's discuss and exchange suggestions on improving their lives. Admission is free.

Theme: Towards an age of settlement
Date: May 25 (Sun) 13:00-17:00
Venue: Minoshima Pastoral Center

Inquiry: Kyushu Solidarity Network with Foreign Migrant Workers
TEL: 092-431-1419     Email: netkyushu@axel.ocn.ne.jp
URL: http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~na5r-wkmt/ (in Japanese)

3) Fukuoka Indonesia Bamboo Concert
In commemoration of 50th year since the establishment of diplomatic ties between Indonesia and Japan, a friendly concert will be held with dance performers from Kutai TImur, Kalimantan Timur, and Indonesia.

Date: Jun. 7 (Sat) 15:00-17:00
Venue: ACROS Fukuoka Event Hall
Fee: Adult 1,000yen, Elem. and J.H.S. Student 500yen

Inquiry: Teman Hati Indonesia no Kodomo wo Sukuu kai
TEL: 092-738-1830     Email: teman-hati@u01.gate01.com

5. Nobu's Footprints in Fukuoka

Tense Shoulders

Following last month's talk about my unhealthy diet in Japan (in which I explained about the effect of advertisement on food, etc.), I have come to realize yet another daunting problem which needs serious attention and a solution: a severe stiffness on both of my shoulders which have gotten worse over time.
Indeed, April's hectic schedule has made me spend most of my days at the office sitting in front of the computer and punching in the keyboard (probably the most active part of my body while sitting at the office), and I believe this, along with my stooped posture, has inevitably resulted in a chronic stress on my left shoulder and upper neck area.
Seeking several options to alleviate this ache without spending a large sum of money, I began going to a local onsen to relax in sauna and applying a cold compress (relatively cheap compared to Vancouver), as well as exercising and stretching out parts of my body whenever possible. However, once I was back at the office, a discomforting ache on my upper shoulder would promptly return, and by the end of the day, it would be as hard as a brick. In fact, it was so tense at one point that I was using an empty beer bottle to relieve its stiffness.
After having enough days with this stress and being unable to solve the problem on my own, I decided to pay a visit to "seikotsuin (整骨院)", a clinic where traditional Japanese massage, acupuncture, judo-orthopedics, osteopathy and others are offered to patients with back, joint, and muscle aches or any sports injuries. In fact, I've seen many of these in various corners of town, and I was really curious to find out what really went on inside, since they were not as common in Vancouver.
Luckily, one clinic was just below my apartment, so one afternoon after an early leave from work, I went in and consulted the practitioner, "What do you suggest I do to relieve this stiffness?" Well, after a two-minute explanation of basic muscle anatomy using a mini homunculus, he put me onto one of the beds and placed several wired pads on my upper back and along the—an interferential current therapy. A moment later, about a 1000Hz of electricity ran through my body, and I laid there thinking whether this treatment was going to have any effect other than a tingly sensation that was twitching my deltoid muscle.
Afterwards, an assistant took out a vibrating instrument by the name of "T-7000" (shaped much like a shoe box with several revolving balls on the bottom) and rolled it thoroughly from my head to toe not missing an inch of skin. Lastly, the doctor gave me a full massage with his hands and cracked a few joints on my neck to fix them into its original alignment.
This seemed more or less like a chiropractic treatment for those who incurred car accidents, not for an individual with only a shoulder ache; however, I felt an ease on my shoulder as if a ton of weight had magically disappeared. Fortunately, the medical fee was cheaper than I had originally thought, and the doctor reassured me that a regular exercise coupled with moderate treatment would improve my condition.
So, about two weeks have gone by already, and while I'm in the crunch time of delivering my project to completion at work, my shoulders are not as stiff as before. In addition, I constantly remind myself to sit upright and stretch my back whenever I'm morphing into the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I guess time will tell before my shoulders are stress-free, but in the land where exchanging bows is a customary body language (or the inclination of the body to various degrees which also puts a strain on my neck and back overtime), I don't think I'll become a shoulder stress-free salary man in Japan anytime soon.

Nobuo Gondo


1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ

  1) 地球市民どんたく2008参加団体、企画運営ボランティア募集
  2) 福岡市青少年交流訪問団員募集
  3) ホストファミリー登録説明会開催
  4) 外国人が語る「ふるさとの街と福岡」
  5) 日本語おしゃべりサロン時間変更

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報

  1) 福岡国際女子テニス2008
  2) 留学生のための合同就職面談会
  3) 福岡県青年の翼「グローバル・ウィング2008」

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報

  1) APCC交流キャンプ参加者募集 
  2) ワーキング・ホリデーミニ説明会
  3) JICAボランティア募集、セミナーのお知らせ
  4) 開発問題セミナー
  5) 外国人に部屋等を賃貸するオーナー及び不動産管理会社向け相談会
  6) 福岡日伊協会映画鑑賞会
  7) チャリティ野球開催

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報

  1) 国際ボランティアプロジェクト
  2) 九州大学サマーコースホームステイ受入家庭募集
  3) 福岡アジア映画祭プレイベント開催
  4) かたらんね、しゃべらんね -外国籍住民との集い-
  5) 福岡・インドネシアバンブーコンサート

5. ノブが見た福岡


1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ

〒810-0001福岡市中央区天神1丁目10-1 北別館5F
TEL:092-733-5630   FAX:092-733-5635
URL: http://www.rainbowfia.or.jp/j_index.htm

1) 地球市民どんたく2008参加団体、企画運営ボランティア募集

日  時:10月9日(木)~13日(月・祝)
場  所:福岡市役所西側ふれあい広場北側緑地および周辺会場

2) 福岡市青少年交流訪問団員募集

日  程:7月25日(金)~8月5日(火) 12日間(うちホームステイ10泊)
参 加 費:120,000円
日  程:8月4日(月)~13日(水) 10日間(うちホームステイ7泊)
参 加 費:70,000円

対  象:福岡市在住または市内の学校に通学する高校生(20歳未満)
締  切:5月16日(金)午後5時(必着)

3) ホストファミリー登録説明会

日  時:6月1日(日)14:00~15:00
会  場:レインボープラザ会議室(イムズ8階)
申  込:電話、ファックス、メールなどで、氏名、住所、電話番号をお知らせ下さい。
締  切:5月27日(火)

TEL: 092-733-2220 FAX: 092-733-2215 Email: hostfamily@rainbowfia.or.jp

4) 外国人学生が語る「ふるさとの街と福岡」聴講者募集

場所:福岡よかトピア国際交流財団 あったかプラザ
講師:ビクラマシンハ・ナビンダ・キトマルさん (スリランカ・コロンボ)

5) 日本語おしゃべりサロン時間変更

日  時:毎月第1・第3木曜日 13:30~17:00
場  所:あったかサロン(福岡よかトピア国際交流財団内)

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報
1) 福岡国際女子テニス2008

日  時:予選~5月6日(火)、本戦5月6日(火)~11日(日)
会  場:博多の森テニス競技場
入 場 料:本戦6日間通し 一般1,000円、小中高生300円

TEL: 092-722-1605

2) 留学生のための合同就職面談会

日  時:5月11日(日)10:00~17:00
会  場:アクロス福岡地下1階イベントホール
内  容:10:00~11:00 留学生のための就職セミナー
     11:00~17:00 合同就職面談会

TEL: 092-643-3430

3) 福岡県青年の翼「グローバル・ウィング2008」

派遣期間:11月15日(土)~ 22日(日)
訪 問 国:ドイツ・スウェーデン
対象・定員・参加費:リーダー(30~39歳) 4名 77,000円
           メンバー(18~29歳) 36名 128,000円
締  切:6月13日(金)

TEL: 092-643-3387

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報
1) APCC交流キャンプ参加者・ボランティア募集

日  時:7月11日(金)~13日(日)2泊3日
場  所:海の中道青少年海の家
締  切:5月8日(木)18:00

日  時:5月15日(木)18:30 福岡市役所北別館4F2号会議室
       25日(日)14:00 西日本新聞会館(予定)

TEL: 092-734-7700  Email: info@apcc.gr.jp

2) ワーキング・ホリデーミニ説明会

日  時:毎月第1金曜日 5月9日、7月4日、8月1日 15:30~16:30
場  所:ワーキング・ホリデー協会九州支所(中央区天神5-4-12地方自治センタービル6階)

TEL: 092-713-0854  URL: http://www.jawhm.or.jp/

3) JICA青年海外協力隊・シニア海外ボランティア募集、セミナーのお知らせ

締  切:5月23日(金)
日  時:毎週木曜日(第2木曜日を除く)11:00~18:00
場  所:レインボープラザ(福岡市天神イムズビル8F)
内  容:青年海外協力隊や、国際協力一般

日  時:5月12日(月)、19日(月)、26日(月)19:00~20:30 全3回
場  所:福岡市立青年センター
対  象:高校生から35歳までの国際協力に興味のある人 40~50名程度
締  切:5月7日(水)必着

TEL: 093-671-6311  Email: jicakicp-jpcvqc@jica.go.jp
TEL:092-733-5638  Email:jicadpd-desk-fukuokashi@jica.go.jp

4) 開発問題セミナー

テ ー マ:地域で国際協力の活動をするNGOが果たせる役割
日  時:5月17日(土)18:00
場  所:ココロンセンター研修室(福岡市人権啓発センター)
講  師:高橋良輔氏(佐賀大学講師)

TEL: 092-851-2001  Email: factjp2001@yahoo.co.jp

5) 外国人に部屋等を賃貸するオーナーおよび不動産管理会社向け相談会 

日  時:5月23日(金)9:00~17:00
場  所:グローバルライフサポートセンター(博多区博多駅前2丁目)

TEL: 092-441-0036  Email: support@npo-global.jp

6)  福岡日伊協会映画鑑賞会 

日  時:5月23日(金)19:00
会  場:あじびホール(福岡アジア美術館8F)
定  員:先着120名

TEL: 092-476-1111

7) チャリティ野球開催

日時・対戦チーム:6月11日(水)、12日(木)6:00 中日ドラゴンズ
         9月10日(水)、11日(木)6:00 東北楽天ゴールデンイーグルス
場  所:ヤフードーム
料  金:A指定席(通常4,300円)2,500円

TEL: 092-833-7676

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報
1) 国際ボランティアプロジェクト

日  時:5月10日(土)、17日(土)13:00~14:00
場  所:アクロス福岡3Fこくさいひろば交流室

TEL: 092-736-6742  URL: http://www.cieej.or.jp/

2) 九州大学サマーコースホームステイ受入家庭募集

期  間:後半 7月26日(土)~8月9日(土)、10日(日)2週間
     全期 6月28日(土)、29日(日)~8月9日(土)、10日(日)約6週間

TEL: 092-642-4275

3) 福岡アジア映画祭プレイベント開催

日  時:5月17日(土)12:00~、14:00~、16:00~
会  場:九州日仏学館
作  品:フランス・韓国合作「キム・ギドク:激情の美のシネアスト」('07、60min)
会  費:1,300円

TEL: 092-733-0949  Email: faff@gol.com

4) かたらんね、しゃべらんね 外国籍住民との集い

日  時:5月25日(日)13:00~17:00
場  所:美野島司牧センター(カトリック美野島教会)

TEL: 092-431-1419  Email: netkyushu@axel.ocn.ne.jp

5) 福岡・インドネシアバンブーコンサート

日  時:6月7日(土)15:00~17:00
場  所:アクロス福岡イベントホール
料  金:一般1,000円 小・中学生500円

TEL: 092-738-1830  Email: teman-hati@u01.gate01.com

5. ノブが見た福岡



権藤 ノブオ


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