Fukuoka International Association (FIA) Mail Magazine vol.91 December/05/2009

Fukuoka Rainbow Magazine provides monthly information on events and news in the Fukuoka area related to international exchange and cooperation. We hope this will encourage your activities. Information in English precedes Japanese. Also, if you wish to discontinue subscription to this mail magazine, please refer to the last page.
With only four weeks left in 2009, it is a good time to think about what we did this year and what we want to do in the New Year. May all our readers have a fulfilling year!


Table of Contents:

1. News from the Fukuoka International Association

    1) Notification of the Discontinuation of the "EXCHANGE" Message Board
    2) Wednesday Health consultation cancellation
    3) Foreign Student Lecture Series "My Hometown and Fukuoka"

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, the Central Government, and Other Affiliated Organizations

    1) Fukuoka City Children's Plazas
    2) Cine-la "Turkish Film Collection"
    3) English Speech Contest

3. News from FUKU-NET Members

    1) JICA Photo Exhibition
    2) Film Viewing by the Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
    3) Volunteer Guide Service

4. News from Related International Organizations in Fukuoka

    1) Experience Noh Performance

5. Emily's Notes from the Nakagawa

    A Spark of Light in the Late-Autumn Chill

1. News from The Fukuoka International Association

 For detailed information about this section, unless specified, please refer to FIA:
 Fukuoka International Association
 City Hall North Annex 5F, Tenjin 1-10-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001
 Tel: 092-733-5630   FAX: 092-733-5635
 URL: http://www.rainbowfia.or.jp

1) Notification of the Discontinuation of the "EXCHANGE" Message Board
Lately, there have been many issues regarding the improper use of the "EXCHANGE" message board and trouble amongst its users. Because of this, as of November 30th, use of the "EXCHANGE" message board is discontinued.
Other message boards such as "Language", "Household Items & Rooms", "Position Available" will be continued as before.

2) Wednesday Health consultation cancellation
The health consultation on December 9th and 16th are cancelled due to the doctor's absence.

3) Foreign Student Lecture Series "My Hometown and Fukuoka"
This is a monthly lecture during which a foreign student residing and studying in Fukuoka is invited to share information about his/her hometown and culture. Through this occasion, we can learn about the student's family, lifestyle, goals for his/her time in Fukuoka, and vision for the future.

Date: Dec. 17 (Thu.) 18:30
Place: Attaka Salon, Fukuoka International Association
Lecturer: Mr. Nona Abolhassani (Tehran, Iran)
                Kyushu University Molecular Genetics
Further information: http://attaka-fukuoka.jp/ (in Japanese)

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Central Government and Affiliated Organizations

1) Fukuoka City Children's Plazas
The Fukuoka City Children's Plazas welcome parents and infants at all times to have fun together. Children's Plazas support parenting by providing consultation and information exchange.
The Higashi Ward Children's Plaza holds a "Foreign Mom's Meeting" from 10:30 a.m. on the first Saturday of every month.
The Sawara Ward Children's Plaza holds an "International Day" from 10:00 a.m. on the first Thursday of every month.

Higashi Ward Children's Plaza Tel/Fax: 092-663-3263
Sawara Ward Children's Plaza Tel: 092-846-9207 Fax: 092-846-9208
Hakata Ward Children's Plaza Tel/Fax: 092-472-6006
Chuo Ward Children's Plaza Tel: 092-741-3564
Minami Ward Children's Plaza Tel/Fax: 092-511-3561
Jonan Ward Children's Plaza Tel/Fax: 092-831-4212
Nishi Ward Children's Plaza Tel: 092-882-7532

2) Cine-la "Turkish Film Collection"
Cine-la presents a collction of Turkish films directed or produced by a new generation that is now attracting world-wide attention. All films have Japanese and English subtitles.

Duration: until Dec. 13 (Sun.)
Fee: Adult 500 yen, Univ. & H.S. Student 400 yen, J.H.S. & Elem. Student 300 yen
  Bliss ('06, 111 min.)
  The International ('06, 106min.)
  Mercedes, Mon Amour ('93, 98min.)
  Let There Be Light ('96, 84min.)
  Goodbye Tomorrow ('98, 115min.)
  Children of Secret ('02, 121min.)
  Hejar ('01, 120min.)
  Tales of Intransigence ('04, 91min.)
  Angel's Fall ('05, 97min.)
  Egg ('07, 98min.)

Inquiry: Fukuoka City Public Library "Cine-la"
Tel: 092-852-0608     FAX: 092-852-0609     URL: http://www.cinela.com (in Japanese)

3) English speech contest
High school students residing in or commuting to high schools in Fukuoka City will challenge one another in an English speech. Please come and give them your support.

Date/time: Dec. 20 (Sun.) 13:30
Venue: Lecture room, Fujin kaikan (AIREF 9F)

Inquiry: Fukuoka Sister City Committee
Tel: 092-711-4023

3. News from FUKU-NET Members

1) JICA Photo Exhibition
20 former JICA Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers exhibit their best photographs taken on their missions.

Date/Time: Dec. 17 (Thu) -23 (Wed/holiday)
Venue: Cafe Restaurant & Art Gallery EL TALLER (Akasaka, Chuoku, Fukuoka)
World Cooking Class
Date/time: Dec. 23 (wed/holiday) 10:30
Fee: 1,000yen
Further information: http://www.jica.go.jp/kyushu/index.html

Inquiry: JICA Desk Fukuoka
Tel: 092-733-5638     Email: jicadpd-desk-fukuokashi@jica.go.jp

2) Film Viewing by the Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
This is a free monthly movie-viewing event.

"Open Doors" ('90, 114min., English)
Date/Time: Dec. 21 (Mon.) 19:00
Venue: Ajibi Hall (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
Limit: First 120 visitors

Inquiry: The Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
TEL: 092-476-2153

3) Volunteer Guide Service
Fukuoka SGG Club provides cultural information guidance, consultation, and tourist brochures. Volunteer guide services are also available by appointment.

Location: Fukuoka Cultural Information Center (2F ACROS Fukuoka)
Forther information: http://www.geocities.jp/fukuokasgg/index.htm

Inquiry: Fukuoka SGG Club
Tel: 092-725-9100     Email: fukokasggclub@yahoo.co.jp

4. News from International Related Organizations in Fukuoka

1) Experience Noh Performance
Learn how to dance, sing and play musical instruments used in classical Noh performance (interpreters provided). Enrollment is free but an application is required.

Dates: Dec.9, 16 (Wednesdays)
Venue: Ohori Koen Nohgakudo
Note: On your first session, 3,000 yen will be charged as a rental fee for a pair of Tabi socks and an Ohgi fan.

Inquiry: Ms. Harumi Yamaoka (Ichii-kai)
Tel: 090-5479-3780

5. Emily's Notes from the Nakagawa

A Spark of Light in the Late-Autumn Chill

Around this time of year, it might be typical for me to write about the Thanksgiving tradition in America or the beautiful changing leaves here in Japan. However, I though it would be interesting to instead to write about a particular month-long event that has taken place every November for the past 11 years. It began in America with only 21 participants, but has grown to include thousands of people from around the world, all connected through the internet. The event is called “National Novel Writing Month" or NaNoWriMo for short. And yes, the goal of the event is exactly as its name implies- to write a novel in 30 days.
Although the thought of writing a novel in one month seems almost inconceivably daunting, there are a few rules for NaNoWriMo that give the writer some structure to their goal, and also brings the writing community together. The founders of the event define a novel as a piece of fiction of 50,000 words or more, which is approximately the length of the American novel, "The Great Gatsby." There are no prizes for NaNoWriMo, but anyone who begins their novel on November 1st and reaches or passes the 50,000 word mark before the stroke of midnight on November 30th is given the bragging rights to tell people they "won" NaNoWriMo. Because of this, NaNoWriMo is truly a personal challenge, although whoever participates can be comforted knowing that he or she is supported by a vast online community of other writers reaching for the same goal.
So why do people even choose to participate in NaNoWriMo? When you first think about it, it really seems like a crazy idea. The goal of 50,000 words in 30 days breaks down to 1,667 words a day, or approximately six single-spaced pages in English on a word-processor. In our daily lives, we probably write well over that number in total as we text, write emails, fill out forms, etc. But how often is it that you sit down and write that much focused on one piece of writing, especially fiction? I think the hardest thing for writers pursuing NaNoWriMo is that they are most often already busy with work, family, and other daily obligations that can leave little time for creative writing. But that can also make the experience that much more rewarding. In many ways, this month-long writing frenzy is a challenge that most people would otherwise probably never attempt or succeed at in their entire lives. It gives people the opportunity to tell their family and friends, "Yes, I have written a novel."
I think a lot of people want to do more creative writing, but can't find the time or the will power to sit down and do it. I know I am one of those people. At many schools in America, creative writing is part of the curriculum in elementary school and middle school. I remember being encouraged to write short stories, or even develop characters and plot lines for longer works. And I, along with many of my peers, always enjoyed this act of creation. But by high school, I had little opportunity to write in my free time. Even though I am an avid reader of fiction, and think all the time about stories I would like to write, actually making myself put a pen to paper (or in most cases, open a computer document and start typing) has been very difficult. That is why I think NaNoWriMo is such a fascinating idea. Forcing oneself to write every day for a month can certainly help you write that novel you have always wanted to write, but it can also help make writing a regular part of your everyday life.
I asked some of my Japanese friends and coworkers if they had also been taught to do creative writing in school, but most of them said that it is not part of the curriculum in Japanese schools. Even so, I imagine that there are many Japanese people who would like to write their own fiction. Some hard evidence for this has been the rise in the popularity of blogging and writing cell-phone novels in recent years. In some ways, I see these two practices as being similar to NaNoWriMo in that the main goal is not to necessarily write an astoundingly genius work, but more to use writing as a habitual expression of one's personal thoughts and creativity.
This year was my second attempt at NaNoWriMo, but unfortunately I still cannot call myself one among those who have "won." However, I did more writing this past month than I have in years, and for that I am proud. Even though November is "officially" National Novel Writing Month, I hope to keep working on my writing throughout the year. And next year, I will try once more to become a NaNoWriMo-winning novelist. Does anyone want to join me?

Emily Rosenberg


1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ

  1) レインボープラザ掲示板EXCHANGE閉鎖
  2) 外国人のための無料健康相談お休みのお知らせ
  3) ホストファミリー登録説明会
  4) 地球市民講座
  5) 外国人学生が語る「ふるさとの街と福岡」

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報

  1) 福岡市子どもプラザ
  2) シネラ「トルコ映画特集」
  3) アメリカ留学相談
  4) 英語弁論大会
  5) 世界ハビタットデー2009イベント
  6) 平成22年度国際化推進活動助成金

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報

  1) 外国人雇用を考えている企業向け相談会
  2) バングラデシュ探訪ツアー
  3) 青年海外協力隊写真展
  4) カンボジアスタディツアー
  5) ワーキングホリデー説明会
  6) 福岡日伊協会映画鑑賞会
  7) ボランティアガイドサービス

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報

  1) 日本の伝統芸能能楽を体験しよう
  2) 国際交流ツアーin福岡参加者募集
  3) 九州大学留学生ホームビジット受入家庭募集

5. エミリーの那珂川ノート


1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ

〒810-0001福岡市中央区天神1丁目10-1 北別館5F
Tel:092-733-5630   FAX:092-733-5635  URL: http://www.rainbowfia.or.jp

1) レインボープラザ掲示板EXCHANGE閉鎖
掲示板「EXCHANGE」は、最近本来の目的を逸脱した利用が見受けられ、利用者間のトラブルも発生しているため、11月30日をもって閉鎖しました。「Language」、「Household Items & Rooms」は引き続きご利用できます。

2) 外国人のための無料健康相談お休みのお知らせ

3) ホストファミリー登録説明会

日 時:12月13日(日)11:00
会 場:レインボープラザ会議室

4) 地球市民講座

日 時:平成21年2月15日(月)、22日(月)、3月1日(月)、8日(月) 18:30~20:30
会 場:都久志会館 4階会議室
定 員:120名(12月15日から受付開始)

5) 外国人学生が語る「ふるさとの街と福岡」 

日 時:12月17日(木) 18:30
会 場:あったかサロン
語り手:Nona Abolhassaniさん(イラン・テヘラン出身)

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報
1) 福岡市こどもプラザ

2) シネマ「トルコ映画特集」

日 程:12月13日(日)まで

Tel: 092-852-0600

3) アメリカ留学相談

日 時:12月13日(日)13:00~17:00 1人20分程度
場 所:こくさいひろば

Tel : 092-725-9200

4) 英語弁論大会

日 時:12月20日(日)13:30
場 所:婦人会館大研修室(あいれふ9階)

Tel: 092-711-4023

5) 世界ハビタット・デー2009イベント

日 時:1月16日(土)13:00 ワークショップ 17:00 イブニングレクチャー
会 場:アクロス福岡1F 円形ホール
日 程:1月17日(日)~24日(日)
会 場:こくさいひろば

Tel: 092-724-7121

6) 平成22年度国際化推進活動助成金


問い合せ:(財)福岡県国際交流センター 地域国際課 
Tel: 092-725-9200  FAX: 092-725-9206(12/29~1/3を除く毎日10:00~19:00)

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報
1) 外国人雇用を考えている企業向け相談会

日 時:12月15日(火)、1月26日(火)10:00~15:00
会 場:グローバルライフサポートセンター(博多区博多駅前)

Tel: 092-441-0036  Email: support@npo-global.jp

2) バングラデシュ探訪ツアー

日 程:2010年2月6日(土)~14日(日)
締 切:12月15日(火)

Tel: 092-714-0758  Email: ketoy@npgo.jp

3) JICA青年海外協力隊写真展
期 間:12月17日(木)~23日(水・祝)
会 場:Cafe Restaurant & Art Gallery EL TALLER(福岡市中央区赤坂)

日 時:12月23日(水・祝)10:30

日 時:毎週木曜日11:00~17:00
場 所:レインボープラザ(福岡市天神イムズビル8F)
内 容:JICAボランティアや国際協力に関する相談
相談員:稲森 千佳(元青年海外協力隊員・タンザニア派遣)

Tel: 092-733-5638  Email: jicadpd-desk-fukuokashi@jica.go.jp

4) カンボジアスタディツアー

日 程:2010年2月21日~3月2日(10日間)
定 員:15人
締 切:12月25日(金)

Tel: 092-833-7676  Email: info@cmc-net.jp

5) ワーキング・ホリデー説明会

日 時:12月5日(土)、19日(土)13:00~14:00
会 場:ももちパレスカルチャーセンター

Tel: 090-3546-3972

6) 福岡日伊協会映画鑑賞会

日 時:12月21日(月)19:00
会 場:あじびホール

Tel: 092-476-2153

7) ボランティアガイドサービス 


Tel: 092-725-9100  Email: fukokasggclub@yahoo.co.jp

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報
1) 能楽を体験しよう

日 時:12月9日、16日 月2回水曜日18:00~
場 所:大濠公園能楽堂

申込・問い合せ:櫟会 山岡晴美
Tel: 090-5479-3780  Fax: 092-541-3612

2) 国際交流ツアーin福岡参加者募集

日 時:12月19日(土)9:30

Tel: 092-844-4572

3) 九州大学留学生ホームビジット受入家庭募集
九州大学では、Japan in Today's World(JTW)という学部レベルの留学生を対象とした10ヶ月の短期留学コースを実施しています。このプログラムに参加する留学生に日本人家庭を体験させるホームビジットの引き受け家庭を募集しています。

期 間:5~7月(月2回、週末の日帰り)
申 込:3月末日まで

Tel: 092-642-7351  Email: intlr-jtw@jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp

5. エミリーの那珂川ノート


この季節、アメリカのサンクスギビングの習慣、または日本の美しい紅葉について書くことは普通でしょう。しかしながら、10年以上続いている11月の1ヶ月にわたるイベントについて書いたら面白いかもしれないと思いました。このイベントは、アメリカでわずか21人で始まったのですが、今はネットで繋がっている世界中の何万人もの参加者を含めて非常に大きくなりました。「全国小説文書月間=National Novel Writing Month」というイベントです。略して、「ナノライモ」。そう、イベントの目的は文字通り、30日以内に小説を書く事です。


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