Fukuoka International Association (FIA) Mail Magazine vol.109 June/05/201
Fukuoka Rainbow Magazine provides monthly information on events and news in the Fukuoka area related to international exchange and cooperation. We hope this will encourage your activities. Information in English precedes Japanese. Also, if you wish to discontinue subscription to this mail magazine, please refer to the last page.
The rainy season has already come earlier than usual this year. Petals of hydrangeas in the rain may be the most beautiful things we see in this time of the year in Japan. FIA sincerely hopes that the beauty of nature will comfort the people in the area affected by the earthquake.


Table of Contents:

1. News from the Fukuoka International Association

   1)  The Great East Japan Earthquake Foreign Language Information
   2)  Multilingual Video about Disaster Prevention to be Released
   3)  LOVE FM "Rainbow Plaza Information"
   4)  Foreign Student Lecture Series "My Hometown and Fukuoka"
   5)  Japanese Chatting Salon
   6)  Japanese Language Classes by Volunteers

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, the Central Government, and Other Affiliated Organizations

   1)  Love FM "Fukuoka City Information"
   2)  Opening of Hakata Station Certificate Issuance Counter
   3)  Cine-la "Portuguese Film Festival 2010"
   4)  Kokusai Hiroba Information
   5)  Free Counseling on Working Conditions Available with an English-speaking Advisor
   6)  K-POP Contest 2011 (Kyushu Preliminary Round)

3. News from FUKU-NET Members

   1)  Western Japan Germany-Japan Association
   2)  Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
   3)  The 5th Japanese Culture Workshop "Zazen practice and Howa (Buddhist sermon)"

4. News from Related International Organizations in Fukuoka

   1)  The 23rd Asian Pacific Cup Men's Volleyball Games in Fukuoka
   2)  The 25th Fukuoka Asian Film Festival
   3)  Language Classes by Asian Immigrant Women

5. Emily's Notes from the Nakagawa

    Social Networking in Japan, America, and Everywhere Else on Earth

1. News from The Fukuoka International Association
 For more information about this section, unless specified, please refer to FIA:
 Fukuoka International Association
 City Hall North Annex 5F, Tenjin 1-10-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001
 Tel: 092-733-5630
 URL: http://www.rainbowfia.or.jp

1) The Great East Japan Earthquake Foreign Language Information
  Links to various websites providing the earthquake information in foreign languages are available on FIA website.

2) Multilingual Video about Disaster Prevention to be Released
  FIA is producing a video which provides you with useful information on how to prepare against natural disasters and how we should respond to them. In addition, you will learn about the Fukuoka Citizens Disaster Prevention Center. The video will be available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

3) LOVE FM "Rainbow Plaza Information"
  "Rainbow Plaza Information" is broadcast by LOVE FM (76.1 MHz) in multiple languages to provide foreign residents and citizens in Fukuoka with useful information on daily life and international exchange. You can listen to the program through your personal computer or smartphone by the test broadcast of IP Simultaneous Radio, radio.jp
Airtime: Everyday from 8:35 (for 3min.)
Languages: English (Monday, Thursday), Chinese (Tuesday, Friday), Korean (Wednesday)

4) Foreign Student Lecture Series "My Hometown and Fukuoka"
  This is a monthly lecture during which a foreign student residing and studying in Fukuoka is invited to share information on his/her hometown and culture. Through this occasion, we can learn about the student's family, lifestyle, goals for his/her time in Fukuoka, and vision for the future.
Date: June 16 (Thu.) 18:30 - 20:00
Venue: Attaka Salon, Fukuoka International Association
Lecturer: Ms. Bayarmaa Dashjamts (Ulan Bator, Mongolia)
Department of Economic Systems, Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University
Further information: http://attaka-fukuoka.jp/ (in Japanese)

5) Japanese Chatting Salon
  Date: Every first and third Thursday of the month
Time: 13:30 - 17:00 (You are welcome to come and leave at your convenience.)
Venue: Attaka Salon, Fukuoka International Association
Further information: http://attaka-fukuoka.jp/ (in Japanese)

6) Japanese Language Classes by Volunteers
  The information on Japanese classes taught by volunteers in Fukuoka City and surrounding metropolitan area is available for download on FIA's website.

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Central Government and Affiliated Organizations
1) LOVE FM "Fukuoka City Information"
  LOVE FM (76.1MHz) started broadcasting "Fukuoka City Information" on April 11, 2011.
Fukuoka City provides foreign residents and citizens in Fukuoka with useful information.
You can listen to the program through your personal computer or smartphone by the test broadcast of IP Simultaneous Radio, radio.jp
Airtime: 19:50 on every second and fourth Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (for 3min.)
Languages: English (Monday), Chinese (Tuesday), Korean (Wednesday)

2) The Opening of Hakata Station Certificate Issuance Counter
  You can apply for various forms of identification including certificate of residence.
Place: Adjacent to the Commuter Pass Counter of Fukuoka City Subway Customer Service Center at the Hakata Exit of Hakata Station
Hours: 9:00 - 20:00 (Open on weekdays, weekends and holidays)
Days closed: December 31 through January 3
Further information: http://www.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/shimin/kusei/life/hakataekisyomei.html
(in Japanese)

3) Cine-la "Portuguese Film Festival 2010"
  Portuguese film masterpieces centered on films by Manoel de Oliveira.
Duration: June 8 (Wed.) - July 2 (Sat.)
Fee: 600 yen (Adult), 500 yen (Univ. & H.S. student), 400 yen (J.H.S.& Elem. student)
No English subtitles
Further information: http://www.cinela.com/english/filmarc.htm
Contact: Fukuoka City Public Library "Cine-la"
Tel: 092-852-0608

4) Kokusai Hiroba Information
  Orientation sessions on going to the US to study and English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, iBT, IELTS
Date/Time: June 26 (Sun.) 14:00 - 16:30
Venue: Kokusai Hiroba (3F ACROS Fukuoka)
Admission: Free
Contact: Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation
Tel: 092-725-9200

FY2011 Subsidies for International Exchange Activities
Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation will bear part of the cost of conducting international exchange activities in Fukuoka Prefecture.
The 2nd application period (for the projects to be conducted during the period from October 2011 to March 2012):
June 1 (Wed.) to June 30 (Thu.)
Further information: http://www.kokusaihiroba.or.jp/j00top/shien/shien_5.htm
(in Japanese)
Contact/Application: Kokusai Hiroba
Tel: 092-725-9200

Further information on activities and programs offered by Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation: http://www.kokusaihiroba.or.jp/j00top/index.htm

5) Free Counseling on Working Conditions Available with an English-speaking Advisor
  If any of you are in trouble at work, please contact Kantoku-ka, Fukuoka Labor Bureau.
A supervisor and an English-speaking advisor provide you with advice and answer your questions concerning employment by telephone or meeting in person. We respect your confidentiality.
Date/Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 - 16:00
Place: Inspection Division, Labor Standards Department, Fukuoka Labor Bureau, Fukuoka National Government Building Annex 4th Floor
Contact: Kantoku-ka (Inspection Division)
Tel: 092-411-4862 (ext. 4319)

6) K-POP Contest 2011 (Kyushu Preliminary Round)
Organizer: Korean Culture Center, Korean Consulate General in Osaka
Venue: Middle Hall, Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center (Kitakyushu City)
Eligibility for participation: Resident in Japan who is not a native speaker of Korean
Closing date for application: June 26 (Sun.)
Inquiry/Application: "K POP Contest 2011" Secretariat, Korean Culture Center
Tel: 06-6292-8760   Email: bunkain@tiara.ocn.ne.jp
Further information:

3. News from FUKU-NET Members
1) Western Japan Germany-Japan Association
  In order to commemorate the 150th anniversary of bilateral exchanges between Japan and Germany, Western Japan Germany-Japan Association will hold special lectures.
Date/Time: June 18 (Sat.) 17:00 - 21:00
Venue: KKR Hotel Hakata
Lecture 1: "Mr. Rumschottel - The Father of Kyushu Railway Company - The Engineer Who Built the First Railroad Tracks in Kyushu"
Lecture 2: "Arita and Meissen, Tosu and Zeitz - Porcelains and Pianos Connect them as Sister Cities"
Admission for special lectures: Free
Friendship party is subject to fees.
Participation by nonmembers is welcome.
Inquiry/Application: Western Japan Germany-Japan Association
Tel/Fax: 092-524-0059   Email: jdgwest@mist.ocn.ne.jp
Further information: http://nichidoku.ame-zaiku.com/simpleVC_20080727203710.html

2) Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
  Free monthly movie-viewing event
"Three Coins in the Fountain" ('54, 102 min.)
Date/Time: June 27 (Mon.) 19:00
Venue: Ajibi Hall (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
Capacity: 120 seats (On first-come-first-served basis. No advance application is required.)
Inquiry: The Fukuoka Italy-Japan Association
Tel: 092-476-2153

3) The 5th Japanese Culture Workshop "Zazen Practice and Howa (Buddhist sermon)"
  Zazen is one of the basic practices of Zen Buddhism. KILGA will introduce to the beginners how to zazen.
Date/Time: July 9 (Sat.) 10:00 - 12:00
Venue: Torin-ji Temple (3-7-21 Hakataeki-mae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka)
Comfortable attire that is easy to move is recommended.
Fee: 2,000 yen (KILGA members), 4,000 yen (nonmembers)
Inquiry/Application: Kyushu Interpreters and Licensed Guides Association
Tel: 092-433-0183   Email: kyushu@tsuyaku-guide.jp
Further information: http://www.tsuyaku-guide.jp/KILGA/information.htm

4. News from International Related Organizations in Fukuoka
1) The 23rd Asian Pacific Cup Men's Volleyball Games in Fukuoka
  These charity games are held in aid of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
China, Korea, Thailand, Japan will stage exciting games in Fukuoka.
Date: June 17 (Fri.) - June 19 (Sun.)
Venue: Fukuoka City Gymnasium
Further information: http://mitsports.p1.bindsite.jp/apc2011.home.html
Inquiry: MIT/Hosaka Office
Tel: 092-733-6888

2) The 25th Fukuoka Asian Film Festival
  Fukuoka Asian Film Festival (FAFF) is organized by volunteers. The first FAFF was held in 1987. The number of films FAFF introduced since 1987 has reached 470. The directors who had won the grand prize at the past FAFF have been playing active roles globally.
Date: July 1 (Fir.) - July 10 (Sun.)
Venues: Institute of France-Japan of Kyushu (5F Hall), Fukuoka Meiji Yasuda Insurance Hall
Organizer/Contact: FAFF Secretariat
Tel: 092-733-0949   Email: faff@gol.com
Further information: http://www2.gol.com/users/faff/faff.html

3) Language Classes by Asian Immigrant Women
  New classes will start in June.
Organizer/Inquiry/Application: Women Empowerment Center in Fukuoka
Tel/Fax: 092-738-0138   Email: empower_f@ybb.ne.jp
Further information: http://www.geocities.jp/empower_f/

5. Emily's Notes from the Nakagawa
Social Networking in Japan, America, and Everywhere Else on Earth

Thanks to the phenomenon that is social networking, the world we live in today is more connected than ever. Through such popular services as Facebook, Twitter, and Mixi, people can keep up with the goings-on of friends and family around the globe and get updated about their current interests any time of the day or night. Social networking has truly changed the way humans interact, not to mention the way businesses play the market and how we stay on top of world news.
So, even though this phrase, "social networking" gets thrown around all the time, what exactly is a "social networking service" (SNS)? Definitions from multiple sources seem to agree: an online SNS allows users to create profiles, manage their own security settings, and connect to one another based on common interests. Many of these services offer private messaging and "journal" or blog-like features. Although the phenomenon initially took off with MySpace, the field is now led by Facebook, with over 500 million users worldwide.
I first joined Facebook the summer prior to entering university, when only students with university email addresses could join the site, by invitation only. Now the service is accessible to anyone in the world over the age of 13! Most of my friends and some of my family members use Facebook, and I find it very useful for staying in touch with them. Something I have found interesting since coming to Japan is that Facebook does not seem to be very popular here (although, this seems to be changing, with the increasing prevalence of smartphones, with their convenient internet accessibility). Far fewer of my Japanese friends use Facebook, and instead, they prefer Mixi, a social networking service unique to Japan.
Why is this?
I did some research into the fundamental differences between SNS sites such as Facebook and Mixi, as well as between how Americans (from my personal experience) and Japanese use SNS. With Facebook, users have to register with their full real name, by which users can connect to people they actually know. Conversely, most Mixi users choose to go by a nickname, so the service offers more of a sense of anonymity. Several articles I read pointed out that Japanese people prefer this privacy function of Mixi, which allows them to join communities and exchange information without revealing any personal details. For this same reason, the number of Twitter users in Japan has increased dramatically. Mixi also has an "ashi-ato" ("footprint") function that allows users to see who has been viewing their profile. When I first joined Mixi, I was surprised to find such a function, as it has always been protested by Facebook users and never included in the service. I admit I find it a bit odd being able to see everyone who has viewed my profile, and knowing that if I look at theirs, they will know I've been there.
So while I prefer to stick to Facebook for my social networking, I feel like I have gained a better understanding of what Japanese people expect to get out of their own social networking experiences, and a general sense of the vastness of social networking in the world today. Considering the impact it's had already, who knows what the future holds!

Emily Rosenberg

福岡レインボーマガジン (日本語)

1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ

  1) 東日本大震災情報
  2) 多言語防災ビデオ制作中
  3) LOVE FM「Rainbow Plaza Information」
  4) 平成23年度「ホストファミリー登録説明会」
  5) 外国人学生が語るふるさとの街と福岡
  6) 日本語おしゃべりサロン
  7) 日本語Class Map

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報

  1) LOVE FM「Fukuoka City Information」
  2) 「博多駅証明サービスコーナー」オープン
  3) シネラ(ポルトガル映画祭2010)
  4) 福岡県「女性研修の翼」団員募集
  5) こくさいひろば
  6) 労働条件に関する無料相談 英語通訳者対応
  7) 韓国歌謡コンテスト(九州予選)

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報

  1) NGO海外スタディ・ツアー合同説明会
  2) JICA九州「高校生国際協力実体験プログラム2011」
  3) 西日本日独協会 日独交流150周年記念行事
  4) 福岡日伊協会
  5) 第5回日本文化研修会「座禅体験と法話」

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報

  1) 第23回アジア太平洋カップ福岡国際男子バレーボール大会
  2) 第25回福岡アジア映画祭2011
  3) アジアの女性に学ぶ言語教室

5. エミリーの那珂川ノート


1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ
 〒810-0001福岡市中央区天神1丁目10-1 北別館5F
 URL: http://www.rainbowfia.or.jp

1) 東日本大震災情報

2) 多言語防災ビデオ制作中

3) LOVE FM「Rainbow Plaza Information」
  LOVE FM (76.1MHz)で、福岡にお住まいの外国人や市民を対象に生活情報や国際交流情報を多言語で紹介しています。
言 語:英語(月、木)、中国語(火、金)、韓国語(水)

4) 平成23年度「ホストファミリー登録説明会」
日 時:6/26(日)14:00 - 15:00
場 所:レインボープラザ 会議室(福岡市中央区天神1-7-11イムズ8F)
対 象:福岡都市圏に住む日本人家庭
Tel: 092-733-2220  Fax: 092-733-2215  Email: hostfamily@rainbowfia.or.jp

5) 外国人学生が語るふるさとの街と福岡
日 時:6/16(木)18:30 - 20:30
会 場:あったかサロン
語り手:Bayarmaa Dashjamts(バヤルマ・ダシジャムツ)さん
モンゴル ウランバトル出身 

6) 日本語おしゃべりサロン
日 時:毎月第1・3木曜日 13:30 - 17:00
会 場:あったかサロン

7) 日本語Class Map

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報
1) LOVE FM「Fukuoka City Information」
  「Fukuoka City Information」がLOVE FM (76.1MHz)で4月11日より始まりました。
放送時間:毎月第2・4週目の月曜、火曜、水曜 19:50から3分間
言 語:英語(月)、中国語(火)、韓国語(水)

2) 「博多駅証明サービスコーナー」オープン
場 所:地下鉄博多駅博多口 お客様サービスセンター「定期券売場」横
Tel: 092-432-5353
営業時間:9:00 - 20:00(12/31 - 1/3を除き、土日祝も営業)

3) シネラ「ボルトガル映画祭2010」
期 間:6/8(水)- 7/2(土)
観覧料:600円(大人) 500円(高校・大学生) 400円(小・中学生)
Tel: 092-852-0600

4) 福岡県「女性研修の翼」団員募集
研修時期:2011/11/13(日)- 11/20(日)
募集期間:2011/5/9(月)- 6/10(金)
問合せ:福岡県 新社会推進部 男女共同参画推進課  Tel: 092-643-3391

5) こくさいひろば
  アメリカ留学説明会/個人相談会および英語力判定テスト(TOEFL, iBT, IELTS等)説明会
日 時:6/26(日)13:00より
会 場:アクロス福岡3F「こくさいひろば」
料 金:無料
問合せ:福岡県国際交流センター 地域国際課
Tel: 092-725-9200

2011/6/1(水)- 6/30(木)
Tel: 092-725-9200


6) 労働条件に関する無料相談 英語通訳者対応
曜 日:火曜日、木曜日
時 間:9:00 - 16:00
住 所:〒812-0013 福岡市博多区博多駅東2-11-1 福岡合同庁舎新館4F 
     福岡労働局 労働基準部 監督課
Tel: 092-411-4862 (ext. 4319)

7) 韓国歌謡コンテスト2011(九州予選)
主 催:駐大阪韓国総領事館 韓国文化院
日 時:7/23(土)15:00
会 場:北九州芸術劇場中劇場(北九州市)
問合せ、一時予選応募先:駐大阪韓国総領事館 韓国文化院「韓国歌謡コンテスト2011」
Tel: 06-6292-8760  Email: bunkain@tiara.ocn.ne.jp

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報
1) NGO海外スタディ・ツアー合同説明会
  日 時:6/5(日)14:00 - 16:40
場 所:福岡市人権啓発センター(ココロンセンター)
〒812-0027 福岡市博多区下川端町3-1 博多リバレインオフィス10F
料 金:500円
Tel/Fax: 092-405-9870  Email: funn@mbk.nifty.com

2) JICA九州
期 間:【第1回】8/3(水)- 8/5(金) 【第2回】8/17(水)- 8/19(金)
〒812-0011 福岡市博多区博多駅前3-28-4 陣内ビル2F
Tel: 092-415-6536  Fax: 092-415-6518  Email: ngoqshuint@joca-kyushu.or.jp

日 時:毎週木曜日 11:00 - 17:00(6/23を除く)
場 所:レインボープラザ(天神イムズ8F)

3) 西日本日独協会
  日独交流150周年記念行事 特別講演会
日 時:6/18(土)17:00 - 21:00
会 場:KKRホテル博多
講演会1:「JR九州の生みの親ルムショッテル - 九州に初めて鉄道を敷いたドイツ人技師」
講演会2:「有田とマイセン、鳥栖とツァイツ - 磁器とピアノがとりもつ姉妹関係」
Tel/Fax: 092-524-0059  Email: jdgwest@mist.ocn.ne.jp

4) 福岡日伊協会
日 時:6/27(月)19:00
会 場:あじびホール
料 金:無料 
問合せ:福岡日伊協会  Tel: 092-476-2153

5) 第5回日本文化研修会「座禅体験と法話」
日 時:7/9(土)10:00 - 12:00
会 場:曹洞宗 東林寺(福岡市博多区博多駅前3-7-21)
服 装:座禅が組みやすい格好
人 数:40名(先着締切)
問合せ、申込先:NPO法人 九州通訳・ガイド協会
Tel: 092-433-018  Email: kyushu@tsuyaku-guide.jp

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報
1) 第23回アジア太平洋カップ福岡国際男子バレーボール大会
日 程:6/17(金)- 6/19(日)
会 場:福岡市民体育館
Tel: 092-733-6888

2) 第25回福岡アジア映画祭2011
日 程:7/1(金)- 7/10(日)
会 場:九州日仏学館5Fホール、福岡明治安田生命ホール
Tel: 092-733-0949  Email: faff@gol.com

3) アジアの女性に学ぶ言語教室
主催、問合せ、申込先:NPO法人 女性エンパワーメントセンター福岡
Tel/Fax: 092-738-0138  Email: empower_f@ybb.ne.jp

5. エミリーの那珂川ノート



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